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October 23, 2022


The most iconic radio telescope ever is gone for good, US government declares

Since then, many have called for the telescope to be rebuilt or for building an even better replacement telescope at the site. Michelle Negron, National Science Foundation. Nancy Atkinson and Universe Today. 6 hours ago. The National Science Foundation …

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The Indian Express

Astronomers make discovery that can ‘dramatically narrow’ search for aliens

Red dwarf stars or M dwarf stars are the most common type of stars in the universe. Recent research into an Earth-like planet orbiting such a star discovered that it has no atmosphere. According to the researchers behind the study, this discovery could …

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New Method Exposes How Artificial Intelligence Works

The new approach allows scientists to better understand neural network behavior. The neural networks are harder to fool thanks to adversarial training. Los Alamos National Laboratory researchers have developed a novel …

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The Independent

Johnson to present space lectures at ACTC, Highlands

ASHLAND Ashland native and NASA technologist and author Les Johnson will appear at several locations during a visit to his hometown. Johnson will present “Harvesting Space for a Greener Earth,” a seminar about how space technology and resources can be …

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