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January 16, 2022



Strange and hidden Jupiter-size exoplanet spotted by astronomers and citizen scientists

A group of astronomers and citizen scientists has uncovered a hidden planet the size of Jupiter in a distant solar system, and they should get the chance to see it again soon. The planet, designated TOI-2180 b, is relatively close to us here on Earth, …

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China builds ‘artificial moon’ for gravity experiment

Chinese scientists have built an “artificial moon” research facility that will enable them to simulate low-gravity environments using magnetism. The facility, slated for official launch this year, will use powerful magnetic fields inside a …

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How the Webb Telescope will build on Hubble’s observations of the universe

After launching on Christmas, the James Webb Space Telescope is closing in on its new home 1 million miles from Earth. A gravitationally stable pocket known as the second Lagrange point, or L2, will keep the telescope in orbit for a planned five- to …

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How to track the giant asteroid about to pass by Earth

“Near-Earth asteroid 1994 PC1 is very well known and has been studied for decades by our planetary defense experts,” NASA tweeted Wednesday. “Rest assured, 1994 PC1 will safely fly past our planet.” …

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China landed on the moon and found water in dirt and rocks

Scientists detected water on the moon, and for the first time they can say they literally found it while on the lunar surface. A Chinese lunar lander returned more than 60 ounces of soil and rock samples from its trip to the moon in December 2020.

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Rare octopus video shows ‘once-in-a-lifetime encounter’

The encounter, first reported by local Australian news website Bundaberg Now, was a rare sighting of a blanket octopus, named after the blanket-like fleshy cape between its arms. Jacinta Shackleton, a marine biologist …

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FOX 6 Milwaukee

Fiserv Forum vaccine clinic; COVID, flu shots offered

Beugnet did not plan to get vaccinated until later this week, but when he saw a vaccine clinic before heading to his seat for the Marquette basketball game, he said “why not.”.

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Netflix’s best apocalypse movie reveals the truth about planet-killing asteroids

Don’t look now — but we are currently experiencing a rash of stories about a forthcoming global catastrophe. But in a change from reports of pandemics and climate change, this global catastrophe is produced by the impact of a giant asteroid. Or comet.

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Biloxi Sun Herald

Volcano erupts in Pacific, islanders rush to escape tsunami

An undersea volcano erupted in spectacular fashion near the Pacific nation of Tonga on Saturday, sending large tsunami waves crashing across the shore and people rushing to higher ground. There were no immediate reports of injuries or the extent of the …

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The Jerusalem Post

Scientists find exoplanet shaped like deformed football, not sphere – study

The exoplanet (meaning a planet existing outside the solar system) is designated WASP-103b, and is orbiting around the star WASP-103 located in the Hercules constellation. This star is around 1,800 light years away from the Earth and is much bigger, more …

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