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November 21, 2021



NASA’s DART mission will move an asteroid and change our relationship with the solar system

The dinosaurs didn’t have a space agency; maybe if they did they’d still be here, would-be planetary defenders sometimes quip about their quest to avoid an asteroid impact. Planetary defense aims to identify any asteroids on track to cause serious …

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Exploring mysterious worlds in ‘The Hunt for Planet B’

But I like to look at the universe and consider all of the possibilities just awaiting discovery. Astronomers have yet to find a solar system quite like ours. And of the thousands of known exoplanets, none quite match up with the planets in our cosmic …

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The Weather Channel

Growing Space Junk Could Give Earth Its Own Saturn-like Rings: Study

It was back in October 1957 when the first-ever launch of an artificial satellite named Sputnik happened, and with the launch also began the accumulation of human-made debris in space. And now researchers from the University of Utah, US, say that today …

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WATCH: NASA’s Perseverance Rover Provides Detailed Look of Mars Helicopter Navigating Tough Terrain

(NASA) – Video footage from NASA’s Perseverance Mars rover of the Ingenuity Mars Helicopter’s 13th flight on Sept. 4 provides the most detailed look yet of the rotorcraft in action. Ingenuity …

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The Washington Post

‘Weird, hot, black ice’: Scientists discover new phase of water

In superionic ice, the hydrogen atoms float around inside an oxygen lattice instead. This leads to ice that can conduct electricity. The ice is less dense than ordinary ice, and is black in color.

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The Hill

Two trajectories to Mars by the 2030s

Short-stay (opposition class) missions are possible using chemical propulsion, but would require an enormous amount of propellant in comparison to that required for long-stay/conjunction class missions. Nuclear propulsion could offer significant …

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Science Times

Russia Anti-Satellite Weapon Trial: How Dangerous is This Missile Test for Humans in Space?

According to experts, the main apprehension is that such debris will hit the space station, satellite, or other equipment. Space debris is orbiting around the Earth very quickly, approximately 25,000 kilometers per hour in low-Earth orbit.

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Hot superionic ice is the newest state of matter and a huge oxymoron

As if the thought of scorching ice isn’t weird enough, it might already exist on Uranus, Neptune, and possibly other planets that orbit alien stars. Just heat water to several thousand degrees while applying extreme pressure.

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Screen Rant

Is Mars Hot Or Cold? What You Need To Know About Martian Temperatures

There are a few reasons for this. For starters, its environment is most similar to Earth compared to Saturn, Jupiter, etc. It has a solid surface, a (very thin) atmosphere, and it’s one of the closest planets to Earth. Mars also has a rich and fascinating …

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ABC News

Why it’s not worth waiting for Novavax

It’s become a common claim among people who are still COVID-19 vaccine hesitant, that they say they’re “waiting for Novavax”. While there are currently three safe and effective vaccines available in Australia, Novavax is still not approved for use.

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