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August 29, 2021



SpaceX launches Dragon cargo capsule to space station, nails rocket landing at sea

A little less than eight minutes after liftoff, the Falcon 9’s first stage returned to Earth, landing on one of SpaceX’s drone ships in the Atlantic Ocean in a …

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Hycean planets might be habitable ocean worlds

They’re calling them Hycean worlds, from the words hydrogen and ocean. Planet-wide oceans and hydrogen-rich atmospheres might cover these worlds. And yet, the …

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The Washington Post

Sky Watch: Summer wanes, ushers Northern Hemisphere into cooler fall

Hovering just above the horizon in the west-southwest at dusk, find the planet Venus early in the night, quite bright at -4.1 magnitude, according to the U.S. …

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The Seattle Times

Deflecting an asteroid before it hits Earth may take multiple bumps

For almost 20 years, a team of researchers has been preparing for such a scenario. Using a specially designed gun, they’ve repeatedly fired projectiles at …

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CBS News

SpaceX launches Dragon cargo ship to space station with fresh food, science gear and Girl Scout experiments

Ending a two-month launch drought, a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket boosted a Dragon cargo ship into orbit early Sunday for the company’s 23rd supply run to the …

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WFTV Orlando

SpaceX launches ants, avocados, robot to space station

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. (AP) — A SpaceX shipment of ants, avocados and a human-sized robotic arm rocketed toward the International Space Station on Sunday.

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Digital Trends

New type of ocean-covered ‘Hycean’ exoplanet could support life

The new class of planet is called a “Hycean” planet, meaning an ocean-covered world with abundant hydrogen in its atmosphere. The researchers believe that this …

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WKMG News 6 & ClickOrlando

LIFTOFF! SpaceX resupply mission sends ice cream, food to space station

KENNEDY SPACE CENTER, Fla. – A day after poor weather scrubbed a SpaceX launch, the company and NASA successfully sent a Cargo Dragon spacecraft into orbit from …

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Umpqua Star Gazer: September 2021

Venus glides toward the southwest moving from Virgo to Libra without gaining altitude. Tonight, look to the left of Venus about 7 ½ degrees as the twilight …

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ABC News

WA researchers make history with first locally-made satellite launched into space

The Binar-1 satellite was launched into orbit Sunday afternoon (Perth time) aboard a SpaceX Dragon spacecraft from NASA’s Kennedy Space Centre in Florida, US.

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