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August 22, 2021



Rare Blue Moon of August 2021 rises tonight. Here’s what to expect.

For New York City observers, the full moon will rise at 8:47 p.m., after the sun sets at 7:45 p.m. local time that day. However, it will appear large in the sky …

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NASA Researchers Develops Technique to Predict Radiation Risk on International Space Station Missions

ABOVE VIDEO: Space radiation is a risky business for the human body. (NASA) – Astronauts traveling to the Moon, Mars, and other future deep-space …

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What can we do with a captured asteroid?

There’s gold in them thar asteroids! Literally — asteroids have more than enough gold, plus other metals, to provide a few lifetimes’ worth of fortunes.

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Tech Times

China’s Mars Rover Continues Exploring Red Planet After Concluding 90-Day Mission in ‘Good Condition’

This picture released on May 19, 2021, by the China National Space Administration (CNSA) via CNS shows an image taken by the navigation camera of China’s …

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Digital Trends

China’s Zhurong rover has its mission extended, will continue exploring Mars

There are currently no less than three rovers active on the surface of Mars: NASA’s Perseverance and Curiosity rovers, along with China’s Zhurong rover.

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When you can see the rare ‘blue moon’ this August 21-23

This was before late amateur astronomer and Sky & Telescope contributor Hugh Pruett incorrectly understood the definition in 1946, and ultimately helped …

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Colorado Springs Gazette

Space Symposium: Colorado-based ULA lynchpin of NASA’s space plans

With the arrival of Space Symposium 2021 in Colorado Springs, CEO Tory Bruno took time to answer some questions via email about the recent Starliner mission ( …

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The Washington Post

China’s Mars rover soldiers on after completing program

BEIJING — China’s Zhurong Mars rover is soldiering on after completing its initial program to explore the red planet and search for frozen water that could …

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TwinCities.com-Pioneer Press

Mike Lynch’s Skywatch: All hail Saturn, the Telescope King

August 22, 2021 at 5:00 a.m.. Since 1989, thousands of extrasolar planets have been discovered orbiting other stars. That’s just in the immediate vicinity of …

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Rocket Lab to launch satellite aimed at reducing space junk

The new tech includes a water-based propellant system and deployable Plasma Brakes, which effectively create drag in low Earth orbit, slowing craft and making …

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