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August 15, 2021



Troubled Boeing Starliner headed back to factory, further delaying NASA launch

Boeing CST-100 Starliner spacecraft sits atop a ULA Atlas V rocket in July 2021. Boeing/John Grant. After more than a week trying to fix a problem with stuck valves, Boeing’s Starliner crew capsule is coming off the Atlas V rocket that was meant to send it to …

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Tech Times

NASA Includes 3D Printing Simulation in its ISS Cargo to Build Materials for Colonies

The agency’s latest International Space Station or ISS resupply cargo will include a 3D printing regolith machine that can use rock or loose soil on the Moon and Mars as models. NASA’s 3D Printing System. The …

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THIS WEEK @NASA: Commercial Cargo Mission to the Space Station, Recruiting for Simulated Mars Mission

On Aug. 11, our Glenn Research Center held a dedication ceremony for the renaming of NASA’s Plum Brook Station in Sandusky, Ohio, to the Neil A. Armstrong Test Facility. The event was led by our Administrator Bill Nelson and featured remarks by several …

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Tech Times

NASA Artemis Moon Mission: 3 Reasons Why We Should Go Back To The Moon

The NASA Artemis mission will cost an insane $86 billion in total through 2025, according to SpacePolicyOnline. But why spend that kind of money on a return trip when there are already other worlds within reach for manned missions: say, Mars?

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Grand Forks Herald

Astro Bob: Perseid meteor shower surprises with post-peak outburst

The peak was great, but if you happened to be out on the 14th the show was even better. Written By: Bob King for the Duluth News Tribune | 2:31 …

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The Bakersfield Californian

NICK STROBEL: Bright planets illuminate night sky

The fall semester is about to begin. The K-12 schools start this week and Bakersfield College starts Aug. 23. One of my classes will be taught on campus with a simultaneous Zoom. Masks are required for on-campus classes and vaccinations will be …

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Northwest Arkansas Democrat-Gazette

Moon mission delay wearing thin

Ever since the White House directed NASA to return astronauts to the moon by 2024 as part of its Artemis program, there have been all sorts of daunting challenges: The rocket the space agency would use has suffered setbacks and delays; the spacecraft that …

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Why a critical part of the gut may be “the first brain”

Out of all the organs in the body, the gastrointestinal tract is the only organ to have evolved its only fully independent nervous system. That’s why this tract, which stretches from the mouth to the anus, has earned the nicknames “mini-brain” and “second brain.

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Every rover, ranked by distance traveled on the moon and Mars

Since the 1970s, they’ve covered 137 miles. Four of them are still cruising: NASA’s Curiosity and Perseverance rovers on Mars, and the China National Space Administration’s (CNSA) Zhurong rover on Mars and Yutu-2 rover on the moon. The Soviet Union was …

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The Hill

Navajo Nation sees one coronavirus death, 37 new cases

The Navajo Nation had reported 129 new COVID-19 cases and three coronavirus-related deaths in the two days prior, according to the AP. This comes as the tribe health department …

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