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August 14, 2021



Russian space officials try to blame NASA astronaut for Soyuz air leak in 2018 with baseless accusations: report

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. — NASA’s head of human spaceflight says the agency stands behind its astronauts following claims that a U.S. crewmember at the International Space Station sabotaged a Russian Soyuz spacecraft in 2018, causing an air leak at the …

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Want to live on Mars? This is what it might be like

(CNN). If you could live on another world, would you? Even though we’re all on the same planet, each person has a unique existence. So much of that is rooted in what it’s like where you live, including the culture, climate and environment. Just traveling to …

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Spaceflight Now

Ultra-precise tracking virtually rules out near term impact by asteroid Bennu

In September 2135, the 1,600-foot-wide asteroid Bennu will pass between the Earth and the moon and while scientists said Wednesday there is no chance of a collision, Earth’s gravity will alter the interloper’s trajectory, raising the possibility of an impact during …

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49 million-year-old beetle looks like it was squashed yesterday

The beautiful design on the ancient beetle’s elytra prompted researchers to name it Pulchritudo attenboroughi, or Attenborough’s Beauty, after famed naturalist and television host Sir David Attenborough. They wrote in a new study that the pattern is …

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Fox News

Week of NASA woes: Why first Mars sample failed, Boeing Starliner launch delayed indefinitely

The relocation of the spacecraft, the aerospace company wrote, would require Boeing, NASA and United Launch Alliance to pick a new launch date once the issue is resolved. “Mission success …

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Why Perseverance rover fumbled 1st sampling attempt on Mars

After two days of investigating what happened, the team declared that this particular Martian rock was too powdery to be successfully collected. The science and engineering teams working on the mission found that, they …

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Scientists map 17000-year-old woolly mammoth’s path using its tusk

An illustration of an adult male woolly mammoth in Alaska. James Havens/University of Alaska Museum of the North. We might think of woolly mammoths as giant, lumbering beasts from a disappeared era, but a new study suggests their massive size didn’t …

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Fast Company

Want to design a perfect robot? Study squirrels

Tree squirrels are the Olympic divers of the rodent world, leaping gracefully among branches and structures high above the ground. And as with human divers, a squirrel’s success in this competition requires both physical strength and mental adaptability.

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‘First place is the worst place to be’: July was Earth’s hottest month ever recorded, NOAA says

July 2021 marked the 439th consecutive month with temperatures above the 20th-century average. · Many of the changes seen in the world’s climate are unprecedented in thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of years.

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Deseret News

NASA says this asteroid won’t crash to Earth and end mankind. Well, they’re pretty sure

An asteroid is not going to crash to Earth and send humans the way of the dinosaurs in a couple of hundred years. Well, probably not. The department of America’s space program tasked with watching the cosmos for giant asteroids that could be dangerous to …

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