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July 7, 2024

The New York Times

Cosmic Research Hints at Mysterious Ancient Computer’s Purpose

Scientists used techniques from the field of gravitational wave astronomy to argue that the Antikythera mechanism contained a lunar calendar. Share full article.

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What’s Next for the Apple Watch: Bigger Screens But a Similar Look

As the Apple Watch approaches its 10th birthday, the company is preparing a big update. Also: AirPods with cameras make their way back into the news, and Apple gets a board observer seat at OpenAI. Last week in Power On: Apple’s devices are lasting …

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Review: Beats Solo Buds

No noise canceling or transparency mode. No iOS audio switch. Lack of standards like auto-pause, case battery, and water resistance. Control keys are hard to press. Sound quality is accessible but basic.

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Best Apple deals at Amazon ahead of Prime Day 2024

Apple AirPods pair seamlessly with other Apple products, including the Apple Watch and Apple iPad. Here are some of the best early Prime Day deals on Apple tech to use along with your new earbuds. Amazon …

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