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January 20, 2024

CBS News

Commercial crew, including first Turkish citizen in space, docks with International Space Station

A privately chartered SpaceX Crew Dragon capsule caught up with the International Space Station early Saturday and glided in for a smooth docking, bringing a four-man crew to the orbital outpost for a two-week commercial research mission.

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The fate of Japan’s ‘Moon Sniper’ mission remains unclear after landing due to power issue

An artist’s illustration shows Japan’s SLIM lander, aka “Moon Sniper,” after alighting on the lunar surface on Friday. JAXA. Editor’s note: A …

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This Week In Space podcast: Episode 94 — Space in 2024

Despite the delay of the Artemis crewed lunar program, a number of exciting missions are queued up this year, among them the launch of Europa Clipper, ESA’s HERA mission to Didymos, the first flight of Blue Origin’s mammoth New Glenn rocket, and the first …

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Navajo Nation ‘relieved’ human remains didn’t make it to the moon. Celestis vows to try again.

Calling the intended lunar burial “a profound desecration,” Navajo Nation President Buu Nygren urged NASA and other agencies to delay the launch until the tribe’s concerns were heard. A …

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US space company upbeat on next Moon mission despite lander’s demise

NASA has an experimental new partnership with private industry intended to reduce costs for American taxpayers and seed a lunar economy . The head of the American space company whose lunar lander failed this week in …

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Astronomers Discover the Oldest Known Black Hole, Breaking a Record Set Last Year

The supermassive structure dates to about 400 million years after the Big Bang, and it’s particularly large for its age. Will Sullivan. Daily Correspondent. January 19, 2024 9:09 a.m.. Dots of light that are stars and galaxies space A picture taken by …

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Astronomy Magazine

JWST catches galactic ‘cat’s tail’ in Beta Pictoris system

It’s already famous as the first star found to host a dusty disk of debris (which later turned out to be multiple disks). Now, new observations from the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) have picked up a previously unseen feature: a dusty offshoot curled …

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Anchorage Daily News

New discoveries on the ancient trail of a woolly mammoth

In this work of art produced by Julius Csotonyi, a group of ancient people watch mammoths roam over sand dunes in Interior Alaska, north of Swan Point archaeological site. (Artwork by Julius Csotonyi). The female woolly mammoth was 20 years old when …

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NASA is looking for Ingenuity after losing contact with the Mars helicopter

NASA has lost contact with its beloved helicopter on Mars, Ingenuity. Communications broke down on Thursday, when the little autonomous rotorcraft was sent on a “quick pop-up vertical flight,” to test its systems after an unplanned early landing during …

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NASA Loses Contact With Its Mini-helicopter On Mars

NASA has lost contact with its tiny helicopter Ingenuity during the hard-working craft’s 72nd flight, the space agency said. The agency’s engineers are attempting to re-establish communications, which ended abruptly on Thursday as the craft was making …

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