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January 14, 2024


Japanese lineage stays close to home at Sony Open in Hawaii

While the naming of the tournament has changed over time, the event itself has a rich Japanese history dating back nearly a century when in 1929, two players, Tomekichi Miyamoto and Kōkichi Yasuda became the first-ever from Japan to play in a PGA TOUR …

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U.S. Embassy Moscow

Tetris meets its match in Oklahoma teen

By ShareAmerica. The video stream shows a grainy old video game screen with the score oddly stuck at 999,999. On the video’s split screen, 13-year-old Willis Gibson, who recorded himself playing Nintendo’s 1989 version of Tetris, exclaims “Oh my God!

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CTV News

iPhone class-action: Who qualifies for the Apple settlement?

Canadians outside Quebec who owned the following devices may qualify for a payout of up to $150 per phone: Apple iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 6s, 6s Plus, SE, with iOS 10.2.

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