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January 9, 2024


Intel’s 14th-Gen Laptop CPUs Give Gaming a Boost

Intel had some of the most notable chip announcements at CES, primarily because it launched its 14th-gen HX series — the overclockable series — which will power the bulk of the flagship gaming laptops and some of the creator-focused laptops we’ll see …

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Nvidia’s newest chips are designed to run AI at home as competition from Intel, AMD looms

Nvidia announced three new graphics cards on Monday — the RTX 4060 Super, RTX 4070 Ti Super and RTX 4080 Super — ranging in price between $599 and $999. These cards have additional “tensor cores” that are designed to run generative AI applications.

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LG’s transparent OLED TV just blew my mind at CES

CES 2024 is already delivering the weird and wild tech that makes us feel like the future is here. The first company to capture that feeling in a product demo is LG, as its 77-inch Signature OLED T TV looks to be the first transparent TV set that could end …

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CBS News

Apple announces February release for Vision Pro headset

CUPERTINO — Apple said Monday that its Vision Pro mixed reality headset will be available for purchase in the United States beginning on February 2, with pre-orders beginning on January 19. The Vision Pro headset, Apples’ riskiest and most ambitious …

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BBC News

Apple Vision Pro: $3499 headset finally gets release date

Apple has announced its long-awaited Vision Pro headset will go on sale on 2 February in the United States. US customers have been given the option to pre-order the $3,499 (£2,749) mixed-reality device from mid-January, though no date has been set for …

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Researchers say accounting for plastic persistence can minimize environmental impacts

“While plastic pollution threatens ecosystems and human health, the use of plastic products continues to increase. Limiting its harm requires design strategies for plastic products informed by the threats that plastics pose to the environment. Thus …

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Apple Sets US Ship Date for Vision Pro — but Who’s Going to Buy the $3500 Mixed-Reality Headset?

Apple has set the release date for Vision Pro, its virtual- and augmented-reality headset — priced at a whopping $3,500 each and hyped as providing “the ultimate entertainment experience.” It marks the company’s most ambitious product launch in nearly …

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Samsung’s New Transparent Micro-LED Boosts Picture Quality of See-Through Screens

The new screen technology is accompanied by bold claims of better brightness and clarity than transparent OLED screens. David_Katzmaier.jpg.

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The Apple Watch 9 is back on sale for the first time since the ban was paused

Another great reason to buy right now? The Apple Watch 9 is currently discounted at Amazon and Walmart for the new year. Here’s what you need to know about the deal — and the crave-worthy Apple Watch 9.

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The New York Times

Unity Software to Cut 25% of Its Work Force

The videogame software provider Unity Software said on Monday that it would cut its work force by 25 percent, or roughly 1,800 jobs, in one of the first major tech industry layoffs this year. In a securities filing, Unity said the cuts would allow it …

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