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January 1, 2024

The Verge

LG says its new 4K projector is a ‘stylish art object’

LG announced the CineBeam Qube (model HU710PB) laser projector yesterday: It’s got a minimalist look and stature, weighing 3.28 pounds and measuring 135mm square on one side and just 80mm wide at the front. (For comparison, the iPhone 15 Pro is just …

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Humane Is Running a Commercial for Its AI Pin, and It Highlights Everything Wrong with the Idea

Humane, the company that earlier in 2023 revealed a device it calls an “AI Pin,” is running a commercial to promote its new product. It’s the same marketing video the company showed off as it launched the product, it just now shows up while you’re …

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Wyoming Public Media

Study sheds new light on the social evolution of primates

For decades, researchers have said that our mammalian ancestors were solitary but a new analysis turns that thinking on its head, suggesting they were far more sociable than was previously thought. Copyright 2023 NPR.

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Amazon Shoppers Are Replacing Almost All of Their Dishes With These $6 Pasta Bowls

For years, shoppers and EatingWell editors alike have been calling out just how essential this piece of dinnerware is. Their hybrid bowl and plate shape ensure that everything sits in one perfect place, no matter what kind of dish it is. And you can’t …

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Save Up to $150 on Bose Speakers, Earbuds and Headphones Right Now

Bose QuietComfort Ultra headphones, QuietComfort Ultra earbuds, SoundLink Revolve Plus (Series II). Bose/CNET. With the holidays in …

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The Guardian

I tried to get over my phone addiction – by spending even more time on it

In week 1 of Rhik Samadder’s detox, he tries aversion therapy. Can he use his phone to such excess it makes him sick of it? Sign up to our free coaching newsletter to help …

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The limits of high-tech solutions were exposed for all to see in 2023

The field of artificial intelligence jumped to the forefront, while in other fields founders went to prison. This year no less than two banks collapsed because of their connection to the technology market and even one submarine exploded.

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