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December 24, 2023


iOS 17 Cheat Sheet: The Latest on Apple’s iPhone Update

Zach began writing for CNET in November, 2021 after writing for a broadcast news station in his hometown, Cincinnati, for five years. You can usually find him reading and drinking coffee or watching a TV series with his wife and their dog.

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Spoke Tension | The hottest trends defining MTB tech in 2024

Just over the horizon are a host of unknown releases with potentially ride-changing advances in bike and kit tech. Brands work feverishly to keep moving forwards; forever refining …

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Game Mode: The Best Video Games Of 2023

And it wasn’t the only blockbuster game this year. Marvel’s “Spider-man 2,” “Final Fantasy 16,” “Diablo 4,” and “Super Mario Wonder” were released this year as well. Alongside the blockbusters, the cozy gaming trend brought indie games to the forefront.

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50 things to do when you’re bored

Other activities will get you outside and breathing fresh air, like going for a walk or volunteering. There are also ways to explore virtually, with online tours of museums and natural parks. To keep young …

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Marketing company alleges it can listen to your phone, other devices for targeted advertising

CMG Local Solutions claims it has “active listening” technology capable of picking up conversations to furnish advertisers with a weekly list of consumers who may need a product or service.

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The Japan News

Japan Astronaut Likely to Land on Moon in US-Led Program; Tokyo Aiming for Late 2020s

WASHINGTON — A Japanese astronaut is likely to land on the moon as part of the Artemis lunar exploration program led by the United States, The Yomiuri Shimbun has learned. Japan and the United States are making final arrangements, with Japan hoping to …

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Is AppleGPT in the works? Here’s what the report suggests…

Apple has reportedly developed an internal service similar to ChatGPT for employees to test new features, summarize text, and answer questions. Recent research suggests that Large Language Models (LLMs) may run on Apple devices, addressing the challenge of …

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