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December 24, 2023


13 record-breaking space discoveries of 2023

6. Ingenuity takes to the air in record time; 7. NASA confirms the hottest summer on record; 8. Antarctic sea ice hits record low; 9. Astronaut breaks NASA record for time spent in space; 10. This white dwarf is an interstellar speed demon; 11. The most …

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CBS News

The James Webb Space Telescope’s continued gifts

In 1989, NASA began thinking about a successor to the Hubble Telescope. The new machine would have massive gold-plated lenses that could detect infrared light – invisible to our eyes, but capable of passing through dust and gases, 100 times farther into …

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The Washington Post

Two US firms to launch spacecraft to the moon within weeks of each other

Then, in mid-February, from another pad at Cape Canaveral in Florida, Intuitive Machines is set to launch its lander on SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket.

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The New York Times

How to Create a Black Hole Out of Thin Air

Black holes were thought to arise from the collapse of dead stars. But a Webb telescope image showing the early universe hints at an alternative pathway.

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The Washington Post

NASA releases ‘Christmas Tree’ star images in time for the holidays

Even thousands of light-years away from Earth, there’s a cluster of stars getting into the Christmas spirit. Images released by NASA this week show a grouping of stars from the NGC 2264 cluster illuminated in bright green, blue and white lights across …

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New research rewrites our understanding of whale evolution

New research from the Museums Victoria Research Institute has turned upside down our previous understanding of the evolution of the largest animals ever––baleen whales. Paleontologists Dr. James Rule (Monash University and Natural History Museum, …

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Yahoo News

55 years after Apollo 8’s Christmas at the moon, a new Artemis crew readies for launch (exclusive)

Apollo 8, the first human mission to the moon, saw three NASA astronauts launch to lunar realms on Dec. 21, 1968. Frank Borman, Jim Lovell and Bill Anders entered lunar orbit on Christmas Eve …

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Florida Today

SpaceX Falcon 9 launches early Saturday; rocket booster logs 19th landing atop drone ship

“Eight years ago today, SpaceX successfully landed an orbital class rocket for the first time. Since that time, SpaceX has landed Falcon rockets more than 250 times and counting,” SpaceX officials said in a Thursday afternoon tweet.

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WFTV Orlando

Space Coast gears up for another record-setting year in 2024

One of the first missions to lift off will be the maiden flight of ULA’s Vulcan Centaur rocket. It will launch as soon as January 8th, and will carry a commercial lunar lander for NASA, Astrobotic’s Peregrine lunar lander.

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ABP Live

The ISS Represents The Best In All Of Us: Expedition 70 Crew Members Extend Holiday Wishes From Space. WATCH

Christmas and New Year’s are a time when most people around the world stay with their families. This holds true for astronauts living aboard the International Space Station (ISS) as well. While the inhabitants of the space station are away from their …

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