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December 20, 2023


Google’s Gemini: Challenging OpenAI ChatGPT And Changing The Game

This week, Google rocked the technology world with the unveiling of Gemini – an artificial intelligence system representing their most significant leap in AI capabilities. Hailed as a potential game-changer across industries, Gemini combines data types …

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Beeper’s iMessage Fight With Apple Has Blown Up Into a Debate Over Regulating Big Tech

When Beeper launched a version of its long-in-the-works “iMessage for Android” app a couple of weeks ago, flaunting its ability to turn green Android texts into Apple’s proprietary blue bubble messages, the upstart knew that this would likely get …

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CBS News

Millions of Apple users can claim part of a $25 million settlement. Here’s how.

The settlement resolves a lawsuit over Apple’s Family Sharing perk, a free service that allows up to six users to access a handful of pay-per-month apps — including Apple News+, Music, TV+, Arcade and Apple Card — under one shared subscription.

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The Washington Post

An Apple Watch ban is looming. Here’s what it means for you.

Three months ago, Apple hailed its latest smartwatches, the Watch Ultra 2 and the Watch Series 9, as “capable” and “advanced” additions to its sprawling array of gadgets. Now, the company is preparing to halt sales of both new Watches entirely — and no …

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iOS 17.2: What You Should Know About Apple’s Journal App

Apple’s iPhone writing tool was released alongside iOS 17.2. zach-mcauliffe. Zachary McAuliffe Staff …

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Apple to Halt Sales of the Apple Watch Series 9 and Watch Ultra 2

The federal agency is considering a ban because of a dispute over a patent for the technology that Apple uses in the newest Watch models’ blood-oxygen sensor. 9to5Mac reports that sales will pause on Apple …

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Northwestern University NewsCenter

New brain-like transistor mimics human intelligence

Taking inspiration from the human brain, researchers have developed a new synaptic transistor capable of higher-level thinking. Designed by researchers at Northwestern University, Boston College and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), …

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AI beats human at a game of physical skill for the first time

An artificially intelligent robot has beaten humans at a Labyrinth marble game, the first time a machine has shown it can master both physical dexterity and learning. The game, which involves manipulating a marble around a …

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Sony’s game plans leaked online by hackers – Bloomberg News

Insomniac and Marvel’s licensing deal is as high as $621 million to develop and market the X-Men games by 2035, the report added. Sony did not respond to a Reuters request for comment.

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The Guardian

Pushing Buttons: How should we remember 2023 in games?

Games companies tend to embrace new technologies first, so it is likely we’ll see the first AI triumphs/scandals in games before long. Microsoft finally buys Activision Blizzard.

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