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December 19, 2023


Apple to halt sales of some Apple Watches in US

Apple plans to stop selling some versions of the Apple Watch in the United States as soon as this week to get ahead of what could be one of the most momentous patent disputes in years. The company confirmed to CNN it will no longer be selling its Apple …

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U.S. News & World Report

Best External Hard Drives of 2024

In a digital world where most people and businesses rely heavily on cloud-based storage, there’s still a strong case to be made for using an external hard drive for local data backup and content storage. Without requiring an internet connection, …

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CBS News

New app seeks to end iPhone-Android text color bubble divide

The ongoing divide between iPhone’s blue text bubbles and Android’s green ones has long been a source of frustration and humor among users. In Silicon Valley, entrepreneur Eric Migicovsky co-founded “Beeper Mini” in a converted garage, aiming to bridge …

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The New York Times

Vase Bought at Goodwill for $3.99 Sells for More Than $100000

Jessica Vincent made her way in June through a busy Goodwill thrift store in Hanover County, Va., passing VCRs, lamps and glassware commonly sold at big-box retailers. Nothing really caught her eye until she saw an iridescent glass vase.

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Google to pay $700 million in case over whether its app store is an illegal monopoly

Google has agreed to pay $700 million and will make changes to its app store it has resisted for years in order to resolve a an antitrust lawsuit brought by state attorneys general, the company announced on Monday. As part of the deal, Google said it …

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BBC News

Apple halts some Watch sales in the US

Apple will stop selling its latest watches in the US, after the US found it had violated patent rights. An order barring sales and imports of watches with the disputed blood oxygen feature is due to go into effect on 26 December.

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The Verge

Apple to pull Apple Watch Series 9 and Ultra 2 this week due to ITC ban

The last day for pickup or delivery of these models from Apple’s retail stores is December 24th. The reason? The company says it’s to preemptively comply with an ITC import ban following a patent dispute with medical device …

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IEEE Spectrum

Gemini Is Google’s Best AI Model Yet, But Who Cares?

Google’s reveal of Gemini, an AI model built to close the gap between the search giant and OpenAI, made a great first impression. Strong benchmarks, a flashy video demo, and immediate availability (albeit for a cut-back version) signaled confidence.

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Simon von Bromley’s Gear of the Year 2023 | Aeroweenie picks and a great first bike

It has aero bike speed, excellent handling and competitively low weight. As usual for Giant, it’s decent value, too. In short, it’s fantastic. Giant Propel Advanced Pro 0 AXS top …

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Apple is scrambling on software changes to attempt to resolve the ITC’s Apple Watch ban.

On Monday evening, Bloomberg reported the development and a few other details about Apple’s response to the ban. Apple Watch Ban Prompts High-Stakes Engineering Changes. [Bloomberg]. Read More From:.

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