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December 17, 2023


Microsoft’s AI Chatbot Replies to Election Questions With Conspiracies, Fake Scandals, and Lies

When WIRED asked the chatbot, initially called Bing Chat and recently renamed Microsoft Copilot, about polling locations for the 2024 US election, the bot referenced in-person voting by linking to an article about Russian president Vladimir Putin running …

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TikTok is pushing longer videos. Some creators worry about the vibe shift

When TikTok took off in 2020 — with short dancing or comedy clips providing much-needed entertainment to many users at the start of the Covid-19 pandemic — it launched a short-form video arms race. Suddenly, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and other …

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Intel’s new AI chips for the PC will be widely used, but may not be the most useful

By Ryan Shrout. Intel promises to dominate Nvidia, AMD and Qualcomm with its AI-related products. Intel (INTC) has put the technology world on notice that it intends to provide the most complete solutions for AI computing products.

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Fast Company

Cox deletes ‘Active Listening’ ad pitch after boasting that it eavesdrops though our phones

In some of its advertising paperwork to attract new clients, a marketing team at Cox Media Group (CMG) claims it listens to customers through the embedded microphones in their smartphones, smart TVs, and other devices to gather data about those customers …

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Jeff Bezos plays down AI dangers and says one trillion humans could live in huge cylindrical space stations

By Louis Goss. People living in space could visit Earth on vacation, billionaire says. Artificial intelligence is more likely to save humanity than to destroy it, Jeff Bezos said recently. The billionaire also said he would like to see the human …

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