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December 13, 2023


Here’s How You Can Disable NameDrop in a Few Simple Steps

Disabling NameDrop is pretty simple, but it’s important to note that NameDrop is automatically enabled when you download iOS 17 or purchase an iPhone 15, so you’ll have to manually turn it off if you don’t want it active on your phone.

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Google’s loss to Epic will likely have little impact in the near-term

A jury found Google guilty of uncompetitive practices around its Google Play store for Android apps as its trial against Epic Games wrapped Monday. The company could face changes to its billing model for its app store, which the company counts as one …

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ABC News

Epic wins its antitrust lawsuit against the Play Store. What does this verdict mean for Google?

Google lost an antitrust lawsuit over barriers to its Android app store, as a federal court jury has decided that the company’s payments system was anticompetitive and damaged smartphone consumers and software developers. ByThe Associated Press.

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Google’s court loss to Epic Games may cost billions but final outcome years away

Dec 12 (Reuters) – Google’s stunning defeat in a legal battle with “Fortnite” maker Epic Games may clear the way for rival app stores on its Android mobile system but a lengthy appeals process will likely prevent any changes for years, according to …

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The New York Times

Google Loses Antitrust Court Battle With Makers of Fortnite Video Game

A jury ruled on Monday that Google had violated antitrust laws to extract fees and limit competition from Epic Games and other developers on its Play mobile app store, in a case that could rewrite the rules on how thousands of businesses make money on …

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All There Is with Anderson Cooper

In Season 2 of All There Is, Anderson Cooper continues his deeply personal journey to understand his own feelings of grief in all its complexities, and in moving and honest discussions, learn from others who’ve experienced life-altering losses.

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CBS News

Apple releases beta version of Stolen Device Protection feature

Apple has issued an update to its latest iPhone operating system that keeps users protected from thieves with access to their passcodes. The new feature, called Stolen Device Protection, requires users to enter their biometric information, such as a …

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IEEE Spectrum

Next-Gen fMRI Improves Spatial Resolution 10-Fold

The NexGen 7T MRI (left) has a higher resolution than a conventional 7T scanner (middle) and standard 3T hospital scanner (right). DAVID FEINBERG AND ALEX BECKETT/UC BERKELEY AND ADVANCED …

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BBC News

E3: Once world’s biggest gaming show permanently axed

E3 – which stands for Electronic Entertainment Expo – was last held virtually in 2021. The last in-person event was in 2019. Game developer Hollie Bennett said it …

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BBC News

Elon Musk’s Tesla recalls two million cars over Autopilot defect

Tesla is recalling more than two million cars after the US regulator found its driver assistance system, Autopilot, was partly defective. It follows a two-year investigation into crashes at the firm owned by billionaire Elon Musk, which occurred when …

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