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August 11, 2023

FOX 10 News Phoenix

Apple to move the end-call button on iPhones in new software update

NEW YORK – Hanging up that phone call? The location of Apple’s red end-call button is set to slightly move with upcoming iOS 17 updates to the phone app, so be wary of your thumb’s muscle memory. As iPhone users know, the “End” button currently sits …

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Fagen wasanni

NASA Selects Space Weather Centers for Excellence

The SWORD Center’s mission is to conduct research that will improve forecasts and nowcasts of the space environment of the Moon’s orbit and the area between the Earth and Moon. This will help predict geomagnetic storm impacts to airline and orbital space …

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Virgin Galactic completes first private astronaut spaceflight

By flying private astronauts Jon Goodwin from the United Kingdom, and Keisha Schahaff and Anastatia Mayers from Antigua and Barbuda, ‘Galactic 02’ achieved the following: First female astronauts from the Caribbean.

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CBS News

Virgin Galactic launches its first space tourist flight, stepping up commercial operations

Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic picked up the pace in the space tourism marketplace with the launch Thursday of its VSS Unity rocketplane carrying an 80-year-old former British Olympian and a mother and daughter from Antigua and Barbuda who won their …

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Virgin Galactic launches first tourism mission after decades of promises

Virgin Galactic — the space tourism company founded by British billionaire Richard Branson — finally launched its first space tourists to the edge of the cosmos, a major step toward delivering on decades of promises. The company’s …

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AI can use VR headset data to predict users’ personal data even if they don’t directly reveal it, researchers warn

By analyzing how people moved while wearing virtual reality headsets, researchers said, a machine learning model accurately predicted their height, weight, age, marital status and more the majority of the time. The work exposes how artificial …

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Chinese tech giant Huawei reports tepid consumer revenue growth for the first half of 2023

That was slower than the company’s overall revenue increase of 3.1% to 310.9 billion yuan during that time. The modest growth comes alongside China’s slower-than-expected economic rebound this year, and U.S. sanctions …

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California agency approves San Francisco robotaxi expansion amid heavy opposition

Waymo and General Motors’ Cruise can operate paid robotaxi services using unmanned self-driving vehicles throughout San Francisco, California state regulators voted on Thursday, in the face of vigorous pushback from city transportation, safety agencies …

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Parasites & Vectors

A heparin-binding protein of Plasmodium berghei is associated with merozoite invasion of erythrocytes

Malaria caused by Plasmodium species is a prominent public health concern worldwide, and the infection of a malarial parasite is transmitted to humans through the saliva of female Anopheles mosquitoes. Plasmodium invasion is a rapid and complex process …

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BT newsroom

BT and Ericsson wideband FDD trial promises enhanced 5G Standalone performance in European first

10th August 2023: In a European first, BT and Ericsson have successfully demonstrated the transmission of 5G services in a wideband FDD (frequency division duplex) radio carrier (over 20MHz) within a sub-3 GHz spectrum band.

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