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August 5, 2023


NASA’s ‘shout’ restores communication with Voyager 2

Using a long-shot “shout” maneuver, the Voyager mission team at NASA has reestablished communication with Voyager 2 after losing contact with the spacecraft, which has been operating for nearly 46 years. “ …

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The New York Times

Killer Asteroid-Spotting Software Could Help Save the World

And the program, named HelioLinc3D, has already found a near-Earth asteroid that older surveys had missed. Analyzing data from the NASA-funded ATLAS (Asteroid Terrestrial-impact Last Alert System) survey …

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The New York Times

NASA Reaches Voyager 2 With a Last-Ditch ‘Shout’ Across the Void

“After two weeks of not hearing anything, we’re back to getting unique data from the interstellar medium,” said Linda Spilker, a planetary scientist at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory and the lead mission scientist for Voyager 2.

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Popular Mechanics

The Founder of OceanGate Wants to Send 1000 People to Colonize Venus

Venus is one of the most inhospitable planets, but OceanGate cofounder Guillermo Söhnlein wants to form a colony in its atmosphere. NASA calls Venus a “runaway global hothouse,” with temperatures reaching 900 degrees Fahrenheit on the surface.

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Duluth News Tribune

Meteor shower peaks next week, viewing parties set across Minnesota

The annual, outdoor night “Statewide Star Party” phenomenon has grown in recent years with events at Voyageurs National Park, at state parks along the North Shore, in Duluth and elsewhere. Because the Perseids should be especially visible this year, star …

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Space Ref

Gas Streamers Feed Triple Baby Stars

Gas distribution around the trinary protostars IRAS 04239+2436, (left) ALMA observations of SO emissions, and (right) as reproduced by the numerical simulation on the supercomputer ATERUI. In the left panel, protostars A and B, shown in blue, …

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SETI Institute

Comet Pons-Brooks Puts on a Show

Comet 12P/Pons-Brooks captured by Scott Kardel (US) with his Unistellar telescope. By Lauren Sgro. Comets have long captivated the imagination of stargazers and scientists …

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Raleigh News & Observer

Perseid, the year’s best meteor shower, peaks soon. Here’s how to see it in Raleigh

Dr. Amy Sayle, a science education specialist at the planetarium, answers a few questions about the meteor shower and the skywatching event. What is the Perseid meteor shower? The Perseids — …

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BBC News

Chandrayaan-3: Historic India mission enters Moon orbit, aiming for south pole

Chandrayaan-3, India’s latest Moon mission, has entered the lunar orbit, the country’s space agency has said. The spacecraft with an orbiter, lander and a rover lifted off on 14 July. It will try to set the lander and rover on the lunar surface on 23 …

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Ancient Greek Cosmology: How Did the Greeks See the Universe?

The word cosmos is itself derived from ancient Greek. It had various meanings, such as to dispose and prepare, but especially to order and arrange or to establish. The famous philosopher and mathematician Pythagoras used the term to describe the order of …

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