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August 4, 2023

Detroit Free Press

Inside the Facility for Rare Isotope Beams at Michigan State

Artemis Tsantiri opens a door to a restricted area while leading a tour for Michigan Math and Science Scholars (MMSS) at Michigan State University’s Facility for Rare Isotope Beams (FRIB) in Lansing on Tuesday, August 1, 2023.

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Nintendo sees 52% jump in net profit thanks to ‘Super Mario’ blockbuster, new ‘Zelda’ release

Demand was strong for Nintendo Switch game software, which received a boost from the release earlier this year of the film about the jumping plumber called “The Super Mario Bros. Movie,” according to Nintendo Co.

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FOX 2 Detroit

Deepfakes made by Artificial Intelligence can imitate anyone’s voice – including Derek Kevra’s

With the help of a made-up story about a haircut, FOX 2’s Derek Kevra had his voice turned into a deepfake recording, and tricked his fellow meteorologists into believing they were speaking to him.

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Goodwood Road and Racing

The eight best Porsche 911s ever

1. Porsche 911 F R · 2. Porsche 911 G Turbo​ · 3. Porsche 964 911 · 4. Porsche 993 911 GT​ · 5. Porsche 911 996 GT3 · 6. Porsche 911 997 GTS · 7. Porsche 911 991 GT3 Touring · 8. Porsche 911 992 S/T.

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The Guardian

Google to launch privacy tools which remove unwanted personal images

Updates to Google policies on personal explicit images mean that users will be able to remove non-consensual and explicit imagery of themselves that they no longer wish to be visible in searches.

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United States Army

Army accepts prototypes of the most advanced version of IVAS

IVAS is a single platform that features an all-weather fighting goggle and a mixed reality heads-up display that integrates next-generation situational awareness tools and high-resolution simulations to provide Soldiers with improved mobility and lethality …

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Apple sees sales slump continuing, shares drop 2% despite beating sales expectations

For the just-ended period, strength in services drove the profit beat, but weaker than expected sales of Apple’s most famous device, the iPhone, underwhelmed investors. Executives said iPhone sales would improve in the fourth quarter, but did not say how …

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Apple’s most profitable line of business is making up for some hardware struggles

In its third-quarter earnings report on Thursday, Apple reported a decline in sales for its most iconic hardware products. Offsetting the hardware softness is accelerating growth in the services business, a major profit driver.

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The New York Times

Apple Revenue Drops 1% but Tops Wall Street Expectations

Apple’s results were buoyed by the resilience of its iPhone business. At a time when smartphone rivals Samsung and Vivo are experiencing a sharp decline in sales of low-priced phones, Apple has managed to increase its market share and expand its sales in …

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Dark Reading

World Cup Glory Looms, and So Do Cyber Threats, Microsoft Warns

The attack surface of a live event like this summer’s World Cup in Australia and New Zealand rivals that of a large multinational enterprise, or even a small city.

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