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July 23, 2023


Massive galaxy with no dark matter is a cosmic puzzle

Dark matter, which accounts for around 85% of the matter in the universe, seems to be absent from the galaxy NGC 1277, part of the Perseus Cluster of galaxies. The galaxy, located 240 million …

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Spaceflight Now

Weather scrubs Falcon 9 launch of Starlink internet satellites

SpaceX is planning to launch 22 more second-generation Starlink satellites into orbit Saturday evening from Cape Canaveral Space Force Station at 9:15 p.m. EDT (0115 UTC). Thunderstorm activity on the Florida Space …

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Big Think

Researchers attempt to create dark matter

Dark matter exists, but scientists don’t know what it consists of. Axions are a candidate dark matter particle, but they have never been detected. A recent experiment casts doubt on the existence of “heavy axions.” Ruling out dark matter theories is …

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Summer’s most spectacular meteor shower now underway, best dates for viewing

Keep your eyes to the skies: The annual Perseid meteor shower has begun, and it will continue to ramp up in intensity over the next several weeks. Caused by the Earth passing through the debris trail of the comet Swift-Tuttle, this summer meteor shower …

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Economic Times

NASA’s mesmerizing Saturn images ignite cosmic wonder among netizens

NASA’s Cassini spacecraft has captured stunning images of Saturn and its enchanting moons, leaving viewers in awe and wonder. One striking photo shows Saturn with its majestic rings appearing as a delicate line across its yellow surface, with Mimas …

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CTV News

Scientists pinpoint when Greenland was last green, adding 5 feet to sea levels from melting ice

Text: A new study has uncovered evidence that most of Greenland melted only about 400,000 years ago, suggesting the country may be more sensitive to climate change than …

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Greenland melted recently, shows high risk of sea level rise today

Date: July 21, 2023; Source: University of Vermont; Summary: A large portion of Greenland was an ice-free tundra landscape — perhaps covered by trees and roaming woolly mammoths — in the recent geologic past (about 416,000 years ago), …

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FOX Weather

There is still hope for coral reefs amid record-warm sea surface temperatures, studies show

Marine life and coral reefs are facing a severe threat after continuous warming in the ocean. University of Miami professor Andrew Baker joins FOX Weather to talk more on the subject. For decades …

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Everything You Need to Know About the 2023 Perseid Meteor Show

The Perseids are often regarded as the best meteor shower of the year, and they occur every July and August, like cosmic clockwork. In addition to being pretty, the warm weather in the Northern Hemisphere makes spending long night under dark skies a little …

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Play Crazy Game

Hitting reset to start a new embryo

Date: July 21, 2023; Source: University of California – Davis; Summary: Scientists show how a fertilized egg cell, or zygote, hits ‘reset’ so that the newly formed embryo can develop according to its own genetic program. Share:.

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