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July 18, 2023


iPadOS 17 Beta Is Here and It’s Already Making Things Better

From more stable multitasking to its new widgets and tools, the OS update looks promising. … I started with CNET reviewing laptops in 2009. Now I explore wearable tech, VR/AR, tablets, gaming and future/emerging trends in our changing world.

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Apple’s macOS Sonoma brings big changes to Mac — but should you install now or wait?

Apple’s macOS Sonoma, the next major software update for Mac, is now available via the company’s public beta program. That means anyone with a compatible MacBook or Mac desktop can download and install the unfinished software, although you should …

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Microsoft’s Bing Chat AI bot now lets you search using images

Today, Microsoft announced a significant update to its artificial intelligence chatbot: visual search. Users can now take or upload a photo to Bing Chat and ask for more information on it via desktop or the Bing app, since the AI can now “understand …

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Palo Alto Online

NASA set to launch satellite ‘swarm’ into space with tech developed at Ames Research Center

Four Starling “technology demonstration” spacecraft will be launched into low earth orbit on July 17. Courtesy NASA Ames. About the size of two stacked cereal boxes and weighing 12 kilograms each, four spacecraft …

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Sony’s Microsoft truce marks new gaming reality

Microsoft has signed a “binding agreement” with Sony to keep the “Call of Duty” video-game on the latter’s Playstation console following the U.S. company’s $69 billion acquisition of Activision Blizzard, Microsoft Gaming CEO Phil Spencer said in a tweet on …

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Facebook Engineering

Bringing HDR video to Reels

Meta has made it possible for people to upload high dynamic range (HDR) videos from their phone’s camera roll to Reels on Facebook and Instagram. To show standard dynamic range (SDR) UI elements and overlays legibly on top of HDR video, we render them …

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WBAL Baltimore

Microsoft agrees to keep Call of Duty on Sony Playstation after it buys Activision Blizzard

Microsoft has signed an agreement with Sony to keep the Call of Duty video game series on the PlayStation console after the tech giant acquires video game maker Activision Blizzard. Related video above: Microsoft to acquire Activision Blizzard.

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Microsoft in talks to extend deal contract with Activision -source

NEW YORK, July 17 (Reuters) – Microsoft Corp (MSFT.O) is in talks about an extension of its acquisition contract with video game maker Activision Blizzard (ATVI.O), which is set to expire on Tuesday, so the parties can overcome the remaining regulatory …

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Financial Times

Microsoft to charge $30 per month for generative AI features

Microsoft is to charge $30 a month for generative artificial intelligence features in its widely used productivity software, slapping a bigger premium than expected on a technology that many in the industry hope will bring a powerful …

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Only a small percentage of older video games are accessible now, a new survey finds

STEVE INSKEEP, HOST: Some beloved video games of the recent past may soon be lost to time. An organization called the Video Game History Foundation tracks old games. And Phil Salvador, the library director, says many are close to extinction.

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