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July 6, 2023


Older gamers say the industry doesn’t design with them in mind

That’s just a fraction of overall U.S. spending on video games, which last year was $56 billion. But the number of older players keeps going up, and some see a missed business opportunity here, especially …

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The Hindu BusinessLine

BL Explainer. All you want to know about Threads, the ‘Twitter Killer’

Updated – July 06, 2023 at 08:00 PM. Instagram’s microblogging platform has garnered 10 million users in the first seven hours of launch. By Ayushi Kar.

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About Amazon.co.uk

Watch Amazon’s 2023 Prime Day ads

“It’s always a great feeling when your Amazon package arrives at your doorstep,” said Deb Curtis, global director of Prime & Retail Marketing. “We wanted the campaign to dial up that excitement so that getting your Prime Day deals feels epic and make our …

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NBC News

How to sign up for Threads, Meta’s new Twitter competitor

Meta will officially release Threads, its text-based Twitter competitor, on Thursday, but for those who want to get ahead of the launch, there’s a way to access your invitation now. The social media giant, which owns Instagram and Facebook, …

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Goodwood Road and Racing

Alfa Romeo teases possible new 6C sportscar

It’s also likely to follow the MC20 into EV territory. We know that an MC20 Folgore is on the way, replacing that V6 with three electric motors, and all signs point to Alfa’s new sportscar sharing that setup as an alternative to the V6 option, thus …

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Stanford HAI

AI tests into top 1% for original creative thinking

New research from the University of Montana and its partners suggests artificial intelligence can match the top 1% of human thinkers on a standard test for creativity. The study was directed by Dr. Erik Guzik …

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The New York Times

Threads, Instagram’s ‘Twitter Killer,’ Has Arrived

Here’s what to know about Instagram’s new app for public conversations and how it differs from Twitter. … Multiple screenshots of the new Threads app in action. … Mike Isaac began using Twitter and Instagram shortly after each app launched.

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BBC News

Hundreds in Hereford set to benefit from new surgical robot

It was “significantly reducing” cancer patients’ time in hospital and procedures were quicker, the Wye Valley NHS Trust said. Gynaecology and urology were among areas to use the technology.

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Fox 28

Wildlife advocates offer free services to trap sick fox in Columbus neighborhood

Landowners off Bethel Road told ABC 6 On Your Side Problem Solvers last week that when they contacted the state, the Ohio Department of Natural Resources indicated they can trap and euthanize the fox themselves.

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Study offers new insights into why some CAR T-cells persist in children with leukemia

The collaborative research project, published today in Nature Medicine, combines expertise in novel immune therapy design and state-of-the-art computational analysis to identify a genetic signature of CAR T-cells that will be the most effective in the long …

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