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July 2, 2023


Ghostly lights paint a new portrait of the Milky Way

Editor’s Note: A version of this story appeared in CNN’s Wonder Theory science newsletter. To get it in your inbox, sign up for free here. CNN —. The universe is filled with infinite mysteries, and scientists are tackling them, one celestial puzzle at …

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See Europe’s powerful new Ariane 6 rocket on launch pad (photo)

The European Space Agency shared a new view of the Ariane 6 rocket on its launch pad ahead of engine tests. Comments (0). a white rocket on a launch pad. Test removal of Ariane 6 from the mobile gantry at Europe’s SpacePort in Kourou, French Guiana on …

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The first supermoon of the year will soon rise

Sign up for CNN’s Wonder Theory science newsletter. Explore the universe with news on fascinating discoveries, scientific advancements and more. CNN —. The first of four supermoons to rise in 2023, July’s lunar display will appear to be brighter in the …

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Scientists have finally ‘heard’ the chorus of gravitational waves that ripple through the universe

Scientists have observed for the first time the faint ripples caused by the motion of black holes that are gently stretching and squeezing everything in the universe. They reported Wednesday that they were able to “hear” what are called low-frequency …

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The Seattle Times

2 leading theories of consciousness square off

On a muggy June night in New York City, more than 800 neuroscientists, philosophers and curious members of the public packed into an auditorium. They came for the first results of an ambitious investigation into a profound question: What is …

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NASA rover discovers a rock shaped like a donut on the Martian surface

While roaming the Martian surface, NASA’s Perseverance rover found a massive rock in the shape of the breakfast pastry somewhere on the Red Planet. Perseverance snapped a photo of the the rock with a large hole in its center surrounded by smaller rocks ( …

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TwinCities.com-Pioneer Press

Skywatch: Venus and Mars say goodbye while Saturn says hello

Nonetheless, it’s become a media darling. A supermoon is generally defined as a full moon that’s a little closer to Earth than average. Because the moon’s 27.3-day orbit around Earth is an ellipse and not a perfect circle, the moon has maximum and minimum …

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BBC News

Euclid: Professor’s joy at ‘mind-blowing’ satellite launch

A professor behind a new satellite has described watching it blast off on a million-mile journey as “mind-blowing”. Euclid, the brainchild of Hampshire professor Adam Amara, launched from Cape Canaveral in Florida on Saturday.

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The Bakersfield Californian

NICK STROBEL: Supermoon on tap tonight

On Thursday at 1:06 p.m. Pacific Time, Earth will be at the aphelion point of its orbit — its farthest distance from the sun, equal to 94,506,364 miles. That’s 3.1 million miles farther out from the sun than it was in early January at the perihelion …

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PBS NewsHour

Ticks can use static electricity to land on you and your pets, study finds

NEW YORK (AP) — Hungry ticks have some slick tricks. They can zoom through the air using static electricity to latch onto people, pets and other animals, new research shows. Humans and animals naturally pick up static charges as they go about their …

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