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June 25, 2023


New Final Fantasy XVI Has Strong Combat System, Flawed Narrative

The developers of Final Fantasy XVI, the latest game in the popular series, have said it was heavily inspired by Game of Thrones. They weren’t kidding. Just like HBO’s seminal show, the latest Final Fantasy has brutal violence, engaging politics and an …

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A European Ruling Could Make iPhone Batteries Replaceable

Plus: Microsoft’s Activision acquisition hits another roadblock, TikTok lets you shop for viral gadgets, and we go inside Amazon and Walmart’s battle for your dollars.

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CBS News

Elon Musk outlines major upgrades before next launch of Super Heavy rocket

SpaceX will need another six weeks or so to finish implementing hundreds of changes to its Super Heavy/Starship rocket and the gargantuan booster’s Texas launch pad before it will be ready for a second attempt to reach orbit, company founder Elon Musk …

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