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June 12, 2023


The 15-inch MacBook Air is a superb big-screen laptop that’s still super portable

Couple that with the same snappy keyboard, useful MagSafe charger and best-in-class performance speeds as last year’s model, and you’ve got a heck of a value at $1,299 — though there are a few caveats to keep in mind.

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ABC News

Microsoft stakes Xbox video game sales on long-awaited space adventure Starfield

One small step for an intrepid crew of 24th century space explorers could be a giant leap — or flop — for Microsoft when the Xbox-maker launches its long-awaited video game Starfield. ByMATT O’BRIEN AP Technology Writer. June 12, 2023, 5:28 AM.

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Xbox Series S Carbon Black Reveal Trailer | Xbox Games Showcase 2023

3.9K views 3 hours ago. An all new Xbox Series S is being released later this year on September 1, 2023. The new version features a Carbon Black paint job and a 1TB hard drive. … Show more. Show more. Show less. 3,907 views • Jun 11, 2023.

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The Guardian

15in MacBook Air review: Apple’s best consumer laptop, just bigger

The Air is for consumers looking for a larger screen but not gaming or workstation performance. The display is very good indeed: bright, crisp, colourful and with a higher resolution than most full-HD laptops, though not the expensive 4K-screen versions of …

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Salesforce pledges to invest $500M in generative AI startups

Showing it’s playing for keeps in the generative AI race, Salesforce today announced that it’s growing its Generative AI Fund, the part of the company’s Salesforce Ventures VC off-shoot backing startups developing “responsible generative AI,” from $250 …

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Patek Philippe Releases Six New Limited References For Tokyo Market

Patek Philippe introduced six limited editions, some of them surprisingly colorful, in conjunction with its Watch Art Grand Exhibition in Tokyo over the weekend. The brand also created a complete collection of dome clocks, table clocks, pocket watches …

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In her new memoir, Sarafina El-Badry Nance shares life lessons from stars

Sarafina researches core-collapse supernovae. These single massive stars explode at the ends of their lives, their cores collapse and then rebound in a shockwave that explodes the rest of the star. In this way, supernovae are marked by their intense …

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Art Newspaper

Tomás Saraceno invites wildlife into London’s Serpentine Galleries for sustainable solar-powered show

In this monthly column, Louisa Buck looks at how the art world is responding to the environmental and climate crisis. As this column’s title suggests, there is no shortage of artists currently making work about the environment. Or institutions at pains …

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How many Australians are already using AI? | 7NEWS

142 views 20 minutes ago #7NEWS #BREAKINGNEWS. Whether it’s for silly questions or to help with tasks at work, ChatGPT has been used by around 3 million Australians, leaving some employers and teachers worried. Finance editor Gemma Acton joins Angela …

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