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March 30, 2023


Google reshuffles virtual assistant unit with focus on Bard AI technology

In a memo to employees on Wednesday, titled “Changes to Assistant and Bard teams,” Sissie Hsiao, vice president and lead of Google Assistant’s business unit, announced changes to the organization that show the unit heavily prioritizing Bard.

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Summer Game Fest Swipes Ubisoft As E3 2023 Continues To Collapse

Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo were already out of E3 2023 as the once-pinnacle games showcase struggles to stay alive. Now, one of the last major publishers still potentially attending, Ubisoft, has also announced they’re gone, and a day later, …

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WWDC returns to Apple Park June 5

It seems likely that cadence will continue for this year’s event. With rumors mounting around a long-awaited Apple XR headset launching this year, WWDC seems like an ideal platform for getting developers on-board ahead of a commercial release. That would …

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Johari–Goldstein β relaxation in glassy dynamics originates from two-scale energy landscape

Here, we perform extensive MD simulations of an asymmetric dimer system, which shows both relaxation processes. We report the first detailed analyses on JG β relaxation, including the real-space dynamics of molecules and hierarchical potential energy …

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Trend Micro

Developing Story: Information on Attacks Involving 3CX Desktop App

In late March 2023, security researchers revealed that threat actors abused a popular business communication software from 3CX — in particular, the reports mention that a version of the 3CX VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) desktop client was being …

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News 13 Orlando

Guinness names NASA’s crawler-transporter the heaviest self-propelled vehicle

Weighing in at some 6.65 million pounds, it is responsible for transporting the space agency’s Space Launch System rocket and Orion spacecraft to Pad 39-B for Artemis moon missions. Crawler workers like Sam Dove, …

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The Hindu BusinessLine

OpenAI’s ChatGPT can now access internet

OpenAI has launched plugins for ChatGPT, opening access to the AI-powered chatbot to the internet, third-party knowledge sources, and databases. According to a TechCrunch report, the plugins, accessible by a small set of developers, are available in …

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The New York Times

Print Encyclopedias, Universities and ‘All the Knowledge in the World’

The only time that I ever worked outside higher education was when I worked for Encyclopædia Britannica. If you are interested, that story is detailed in a blog post I wrote in 2010. My professional connection …

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WBAL Baltimore

Amazon rolls out affordable smart TV option as they release new QLED models

A smart television worth $200. Amazon launched its first Fire TV back in 2014, and since then, the company says they have sold over 200 million Fire TV streaming players and smart TVs around the world. Advertisement. The retail giant is now expanding …

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BBC News

Hero’s return for astronaut Shaun the Sheep

It was a giant leap for lamb-kind, but now he’s baa-ck. Shaun the Sheep has returned to Britain after taking part in the US space agency’s (Nasa) epic mission to the Moon last year. A model of the animated movie character was a passenger in the capsule …

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