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January 28, 2023


Watch the 1st half-lit first quarter moon of 2023 rise tonight

Though you may be able to see the moon during sunlight hours, the best time to take a look is after the sun sets. Sunset in New York City occurs at 5:07 p.m. EST (1007 GMT). At that point, the moon will be 62 degrees high in the southeast sky.

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Private Peregrine moon lander completes testing ahead of landmark lunar launch

A private U.S. moon lander just cleared a big hurdle on the path toward its debut spaceflight this year. The Peregrine lunar lander, built by Astrobotic, finished the last of its space qualification tests this month, the Pittsburgh-based company …

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The Washington Post

Skywatch: A comet visits, and Venus and Jupiter show a Valentine spirit

Although U.S. Naval Observatory astronomer Geoff Chester said the object is technically within naked-eye range (less than sixth magnitude), he added that it is incredibly dim in these eastern light-polluted areas. He suggests using binoculars to provide …

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CBS News

Rare green comet: when, where and how to see it

SACRAMENTO — A rare green comet is zooming our way for the first time in 50,000 years. As it makes its appearance in the sky, Dr. Kyle Watters, the planetarium director at Sacramento State, shares how you can view the comet if you live in Sacramento.

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Chicago Tribune

Field Museum research scientist part of team that discovered a large, rare meteorite in Antarctica

The team of scientists had already combed over miles of Antarctic ice field, ready to turn around at the very end of an 11-day meteorite hunt. Then they spotted something rare. The international team knew what they were looking at from 100 meters away: …

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Camera captures night sky spiral after SpaceX rocket launch

A camera atop Hawaii’s tallest mountain has captured what looks like a spiral swirling through the night sky. Researchers believe it was from the launch of a military GPS satellite that lifted off earlier on a SpaceX rocket in Florida.

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The Fayetteville Observer

Backyard Universe: Visiting comet is a challenge, but here’s how to see it from Fayetteville

The “E3” means that it was the third comet discovered in the fifth half month of the year. The (ZTF) designates the comet was discovered by a telescope used by the Zwicky Transient Facility based at Polamar Observatory in California which scans the skies …

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Denver 7 Colorado News

An asteroid recently came close to Earth. Here’s how our planetary defense system works

A truck-sized asteroid zoomed by Earth on January 26. Should we be concerned? “An object of that size, comes this close to Earth, this is only 2,200 miles above the surface of the Earth, on average once a year,” said Davide Farnocchia, a navigation …

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MSU discovery advances biofuel crop that could curb dependence on fossil fuel

image: Michigan State University postdoctoral researcher Mauricio Tejera-Nieves studies switchgrass near a rainfall exclusion shelter built by the Great Lakes Bioenergy Researcher Center at Michigan State’s W.K. Kellogg Biological Station Long-Term …

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NASA’s ‘Mega Moon Rocket’ aced first flight and is ready for crewed Artemis II launch

The enormous Space Launch System passed its first test with flying colors, NASA’s preliminary analysis concludes, and the rocket and Orion capsule are good to go for their next mission: Artemis II, which will carry a crew to lunar orbit.

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