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January 14, 2023

Mac Rumors

Apple’s Custom MicroLED Display for Apple Watch Rumored to Be Made by LG

Apple’s custom-designed microLED displays for future Apple Watch models will be made by LG, according to display analyst Ross Young. apple watch ultra 1 1. In a tweet, Young explained that LG Display is constructing a small production line to supply …

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New Apple Music, TV and Devices Apps Now Available on Windows

Apple Music, Apple TV and a third app known as Apple Devices (which lets you manage your Apple devices) are now available for you to download, as long as you’re running Windows 11. We’ll briefly discuss what each of these new Apple applications can do for …

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‘We rolled a 1’: D&D publisher addresses backlash over controversial license

But over the last week, a new version of the OGL leaked after WoTC sent it to some top creators. Over 66,000 Dungeons & Dragons fans signed an open letter under the name #OpenDnD ahead of an expected announcement, and waves of users deleted their …

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Google Stadia Has Released One Final Game Ahead of Its Shut Down On January 18

Worm Game, an internal game used to test Stadia’s features before launch, is the final game for the platform. Adam Bankhurst. By …

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Twitter brings its “For You” and “Following” dual-timeline view to the web

After updating its iOS app to display both algorithmic and chronological timelines side-by-side, Twitter is rolling out this update to the web interface. Earlier this week, the company renamed “Home” (algorithmic timeline) and “Latest” (chronological …

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Did Samsung really go full iPhone with the Galaxy S23?

On February 1, Samsung will unveil its latest flagship phone, the Galaxy S23, which will feature the latest camera, chip, and communication innovations Android has to offer. Samsung will tout its impressive zoom capabilities, speed, and battery life, …

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Patched Chromium Vulnerability Allowed File Theft

Vulnerabilities in the Chromium web browser project affect billions of individuals across the globe because Chromium is the basis for Google’s dominant web browser Chrome and underpins the Microsoft Edge and Opera browsers. Taken together, Chromium …

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The Hindu

Bug fixes this week | Vulnerabilities in Google, Microsoft, and Adobe products fixed

Multiple security bugs with high severity ratings were detected in Google Chrome and Chrome OS which could be exploited by remote attackers to bypass security restrictions, access user information, execute arbitrary code, or cause denial-of-service on …

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Emerging Tech Brew

Some Android phones will join the satellite connectivity party

Last week, Qualcomm announced a partnership with satellite communications company Iridium Communications to provide a satellite-based messaging service to certain smartphones running the Android operating system. The move is the latest in a …

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Lenovo launches its first 5G Android tablet in India: Price and other details

US-based consumer electronics firm Lenovo has expanded its product portfolio in India. The company has launched its first 5G Android tablet in the country. Dubbed as Lenovo Tab P11 5G, the device comes powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 750 5G processor …

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