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December 11, 2022


Crisis Core Reunion Is a Gorgeous Final Fantasy 7 Classic Remastered

The sole exception was the excellent 2007 action-RPG Crisis Core. This prequel cast you in the role of Zack Fair, a character with a small-but-crucial role in Final Fantasy 7’s main story, and explored his career as a member of megacorporation Shinra’s …

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These features will help Google Chrome eat up less battery and RAM on your Mac

When that happens, Chrome limits its background activity and the visual effects of animations and videos on a website. Memory Saver frees up the memory used by inactive tabs so “intensive applications, like editing family videos or playing games” can run …

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Twitter to relaunch Twitter Blue at higher price for Apple users

Twitter will relaunch a revamped version of its subscription service Twitter Blue on Monday. The service will allow subscribers to edit tweets, upload 1080p videos and get a blue checkmark post account verification for $8 per month through the web, …

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The Indian Express

Gmail faces global outage, ‘mitigation currently underway’, says Google

Google’s popular Gmail service is down for many users across the world and many are still facing an issue. Downdetector.com reported a spike in Gmail outage status over the past hour, though it looks like the email service is back for some users.

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Riot sues NetEase for its alleged Valorant “copy”, Hyper Front

Riot Games is suing NetEase for “substantial” damages over the similarities between its cooperative shooter Valorant and NetEase’s mobile title, Hyper Front. Polygon reports that the lawsuit – filed in various countries right across the world, …

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Mac Rumors

Google Chrome Gains Support for Passkeys, Making it Easier to Log Into Websites and More

With passkeys, users can authenticate and log into websites using their iPhone or Android devices, replacing the need for a password. On newer versions of iOS and Android, users visiting websites that support passkeys can use biometric authentication on a …

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Riot Games sues Chinese gaming major NetEase for copying Valorant

(Image Courtesy: Riot Games). Riot Games, the American game development and publishing company, is suing Chinese gaming giant NetEase for copying its free-to-play tactical hero shooter, Valorant …

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