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September 20, 2022

Spaceflight Now

Soyuz rocket rolls out for launch of Russian-American crew to space station

NASA astronaut Francisco “Frank” Rubio will join Russian commander Sergey Prokopyev and flight engineer Dmitry Petelin for launch Wednesday at 9:54 a.m. EDT (1354 GMT) to begin a half-year on the space station.

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Scientific American

NASA’s Artemis Delays Fuel Controversy over Rocket Design

In and around Cape Canaveral, Fla., it’s all things Artemis. Colorful hand-painted placards proclaiming “Go Artemis!” adorn storefronts. Large temporary street signs carry launch-day traffic advisories. Astronauts, NASA officials and aerospace industry …

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Bird’s enzyme points toward novel therapies

image: A graphic shows how Rice University chemists used a rare genetic pathway to metabolically engineer cells that serve as drug factories to make thrombin inhibitors that break up blood clots. The study began with a bioinformatic survey that found …

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How to Watch NASA’s ‘Kinder, Gentler’ Megarocket Tanking Test

A critical tanking test on Wednesday could set the stage for the launch of Artemis 1 on September 27. By. George Dvorsky · 20 minutes ago. Alerts. SLS at Launch Pad 39B at Kennedy Space Center, Florida. Photo: NASA. After replacing faulty seals that …

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The Weather Channel

Scientists Think the Death of An Ancient Moon Might’ve Given Saturn Its Iconic Rings and Tilt; Here’s How

Be it stars in a binary system avowing themselves to each other for their remaining time ablaze or twin-supernovae withering in each other’s arms in true Romeo-and-Juliet-esque fashion, there is always an aspect of scintillating romance in the way …

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Earth-like exoplanets unlikely to be another ‘pale blue dot’

Tilman Spohn and Dennis Höning studied how the evolution and cycles of continents and water could shape the development of terrestrial exoplanets. Results from their models suggest that planets have approximately an 80% probability of being mostly covered …

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Parts of many coastal cities are sinking faster than the sea is rising

Prior research has shown that global warming is melting ice around the world, leading to rising sea levels. This increase in sea levels is a major concern to cities and towns that lie on the edges of the sea.

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Brace for impact: NASA hopes to redirect asteroid in first planetary defense test

RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — NASA’s Double Asteroid Redirection Test (DART) will intentionally crash into a small asteroid next week to test whether it would be possible to redirect a future asteroid that might threaten Earth. DART will be the first-ever …

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ABC News

NASA’s Mars rover Perseverance collects new rock samples in Jezero Crater

NASA’s Perseverance rover has collected a diverse set of rock samples in an area scientists believe is the perfect spot for finding signs of ancient microbial life on Mars. Key points: The Perseverance rover is searching for traces of biology that …

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New Scientist

NASA is ready to knock an asteroid off course with its DART spacecraft

NASA’s Double Asteroid Redirection Test (DART) will smash into an asteroid next week, in the first ever real-world planetary defence mission. The 500 kilogram DART spacecraft launched last year on 24 November and is due to reach its destination, …

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