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September 19, 2022


Here’s What the iPhone 14 Pro’s Cameras Can Do

Apple made several significant improvements to the iPhone’s camera hardware, like adding a larger, 48-megapixel sensor. The 14 Pro also uses Apple’s revamped image processing system, which is supposed to improve image quality in darker environments.

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Mac Rumors

Apple Executive Responds to Annoying iOS 16 Copy and Paste Prompt: ‘Absolutely Not Expected Behavior’

As user annoyance with the behavior boils high, Apple has finally responded, saying the constant pop-up is not how the feature is intended to work. MacRumors reader Kieran sent an email to Craig Federighi and …

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Apple iPhone 14 Pro: Always On-Display Problems, Tricks And Benefits

The Apple iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max have just gone on sale (read a review of both here on Forbes). One of the standout features is the always-on display, which leaves the screen partly visible at all times instead of dimming to blackness as previous …

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How to set up eSIM on your new iPhone 14

In some regions, you can find the “Use QR Code” option under Settings > Mobile Data > Add eSIM. Converting physical SIM. Some carriers might support quickly converting the physical SIM to eSIM …

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Apple iPhone 14 And iPhone 14 Pro: Apple Warns All Users To Update Now

Just a matter of hours since iOS 16 and iOS 15.7 went live, Apple has rushed out a quick update—it’s never done this so early in an iOS cycle before. But don’t worry if you don’t see this unprecedented update in your Settings app: it’s not for everyone …

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Take-Two shares slide after GTA VI game footage leaks

Take-Two Interactive Software Inc shares fell Monday after the company suffered a network intrusion where a third party illegally accessed footage of the new Grand Theft Auto videogame. A user posted videos of the game in its early development stage, …

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Grand Theft Auto VI Leak Is a Shock to Video Game Studio Rockstar

A hacker published authentic, pre-release footage from development of Grand Theft Auto VI, the most anticipated video game from Take-Two Interactive Software Inc. The cache of videos offers an extensive and unauthorized look at the making of one of …

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NBC Sports Chicago

Childhood friends Phillips, Weeks reunited with Hawks

“He was like: ‘Do you know anything about Mitchell Weeks? I was watching him out in the OHL,” Phillips recalled. “I’m like: “Yeah, I know a thing or two. He’s my best friend.” And about an hour later, [Rockford IceHogs president of hockey operations …

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Take-Two’s Grand Theft Auto VI gameplay leaked online, Bloomberg reports

Dozens of authentic, pre-release videos from GTA VI – of robberies, gunplay and open-world driving – were posted on an online message board over the weekend, media reports said. The hacker …

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How to Use DuckDuckGo’s Privacy-First Email

Tired of advertisers spying on your private communications? This beta promises to kick tracking technology to the curb.

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