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September 4, 2022


Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4: Pure Fun, but More of the Same

The newest Flip has numerous updates including a bigger battery, a new main camera sensor and the latest Snapdragon chip. Patrick Holland headshot. Patrick …

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The Verge

The iPhone 14 Pro could bring back the old battery percentage indicator

But Apple’s current version of the indicator on newer devices takes the form of a battery icon (without a percentage) that shows a visual representation of how much power your phone has left. This was first introduced …

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The Indian Express

Here is every iPhone camera ever launched: An optical evolution

Before the iPhone, photography was a hobby. It was Apple and the iPhone that put cameras in everybody’s pocket. The iPhone’s 2-megapixel camera was basic, had no zoom, flash or editing feature built in.

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British GQ

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 is a truly feelgood smartphone

You might think a flipping phone belongs in the early noughties where an awakened Thomas Anderson discovers he’s the One and Netflix is but a pipe dream of the future. The truth is that a folding Samsung-made smartphone isn’t all that unusual in 2022, …

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Indian Anti-Money Laundering Agency Searches Paytm, Razorpay

India’s anti-money laundering agency said it was searching the premises of online payment companies including Razorpay Pvt Ltd, Cashfree Payments and Paytm Payment Services Ltd. The search operations, conducted in the tech hub Bengaluru yesterday, …

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Indian agency searches fintech Paytm, Razorpay and Cashfree offices in Chinese loan apps probe

India’s financial crime fighting agency searched the offices of fintech unicorns Paytm and Razorpay as well as Cashfree on Friday as part of an ongoing investigation into fraudulent Chinese loan apps, it said Saturday, the latest in a series of probes …

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Emergency Google Chrome Security Update For All Users As Attackers Strike

Just days after Google updated the Chrome browser to patch a total of 24 vulnerabilities, another security update has landed. This one is even more important as it concerns a zero-day vulnerability that, Google has confirmed, is already being exploited …

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